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AAC Blocks (Birla Blocks)


Price – ₹ 2750/ Cubic Meter(Rate in Delhi)

Minimum Order Quantity- 30 Cubic Meter.

Delivery Time – 1 to 3 Days


Need Custom Input or Bulk Quantity?


Product Description

Birla Light & Strong

AAC Block Features

* Light Weight

50% Lighter than normal clay brick.

* Faster Construction

3 Times faster than traditional brick masonry work.

* High Fire Resistant

4-6 Hour Depending on thickness ( 4 hour’s for 100mm Thick wall

* Excellent Heat Insulation

5 Time’s Superior to clay bricks.

* Noise Absorption

Far Superior than traditional clay bricks.

* Environmental Friendly

Reduces at least 30% of environmental waste. Decreases over 50% of greenhouse radiation and over 60% integrated energy on the surface of brick.

* Durability

Do not suffer from high transit breakage therefore  are easy to transport when com pared to clay bricks.

* Weather & Earthquake Resistant

The Impact of earthquake forces on a structure is proportional to the weight of the structure, provides excellent resistance to earthquake forces.





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